Lc0 v0.18.0 has been released.

v0.18.0 is out of “release candidate” status, and now is fully released!

Can be downloaded here.

It has no changes relative to RC2. For the list of differences relative to v0.17, see posts for [v0.18.0-rc1](../../../2018/09/lc0-v0180-rc1-has-been- released.html) and [v0.18.0-rc2](../../../2018/09/lc0-v0180-rc2-has-been- released.html).

For people contributing training games, there’s no need to rush to upgrade, it’s fine to use v0.17.

There is a small known issue with time management. The version v0.18.0 times out sometimes when all of the following is true:

  • Ponder is ON
  • Time is added every X moves (e.g. every 40)
  • There is per move increment

Most probably there will be v0.18.1 soon where this issue is fixed.

Posted by: crem