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Watch Leela play

There are many places where you can watch Leela play. We participate in competitions, there are testing streams, and games are often covered by youtubers.


Chess.com computer chess championship (also known as CCCCC, CCCC and CCC) is a never stopping tournament optimized for entertainment. Organizers pick participants based on engine’s entertainment value. Particularly, clones are allowed to participate.


We also participated in WCEC once. TODO(write this)


TCEC (Top Chess Engine Championship) is a computer chess tournament organized and maintained by Chessdom at https://tcec-chess.com/. This page documents Leela configuration in each of the “seasons” of this tournament.


These people frequently stream Leela games on Twitch: mattblachess navratil potato edosani ankan

Games against humans

TODO(write about notable games against humans)


Watch those people covering Leela games on youtube! TODO(fill that)

Games corpus

TODO(Build and fill this with links to training game PGNs, TCEC/CCCC/testing pgns, etc. All Leela games you can find. Specify time control, network name and ~nps. For CCCCC, this link may be a useful start).