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For most of the use cases, default configuration of Lc0 is good for use. If you have NVidia RTX GPU, you may want to change the default network to one of the larger ones.

Engine parameters

Setting the parameters All the engine parameters can be set using one of the following ways: Via UCI parameters Using command line flags With a config file. UCI parameters When an engine runs through a chess GUI, it communicates all the settings through the UCI protocol.

Time management

This page contains different types of time managers. Time manager legacy ‘Legacy’ estimates and budgets time for a move based on ..to be documented Time manager smooth ‘smooth’ estimates and budgets time for a move based on .

Time manager Alphazero

This page contains an alternative time manager to be used by lczero. Time manager alphazero ‘alphazero’ is an optional time manager simulating the time managent as was used by the AlphaZero project.