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Running out of memory

Unlike traditional A/B chess engines, Lc0 has to keep entire search tree in memory. That means that as the search goes, memory consumption increases. Lc0 requires roughly 250-350 bytes of memory per node, that means that typical RAM sizes can only handle so many nodes:

Amount of RAM Maximum nodes
1GB 3'000'000
4GB 12'000'000
8GB 25'000'000
16GB 50'000'000
32GB 100'000'000
64GB 200'000'000
128GB 400'000'000
256GB 800'000'000

In case of long searches it’s possible that the system RAM is exhausted, and in this case either the Lc0 or other system processes will crash.

To prevent that from happening, there is a UCI parameter RamLimitMb (or command line flag --ramlimit-mb) which limits amount of memory Lc0 uses (e.g. --ramlimit-mb=32000 if you want Lc0 to use only 32GB of RAM). The memory calculation is not exact, so it’s recommended to have some slack (e.g. setting it to 30000 rather than 32000).

When Lc0 reaches the limit, it will stop the search (from the outside it would look like Lc0 is thinking but not making any progress).

It’s also possible to increase amount of memory available to Lc0 by a large factor by using a swap(paging) file on SSD. Usually swap files degrade performance of programs, but Lc0 can handle it just fine.
Please consult the documentation of the operating system you use to find out how to enable the swap file.

Other topics

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Last Updated: 2021-02-06