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Ideas of Lc0 search algorithm v2


This section contains the summary of ideas for the potential reimplementation of Lc0 search algorithm to address limitations of search algorithm (for now I name it “Lc2”, although probably the name will be changed as not everyone likes that).

Move Q and N to eges

Idea For all children nodes, have a copy of N and Q values in a parent node. Those values would be called edge N and edge Q as opposed to node N and node Q that are stored in the node.

Gathering larger batches

Of all optimization ideas and attempts, improving batch gathering is the main one which stops us from scaling to many GPUs, and it’s the area where I (crem) had the most attempts, and all of them failed so far.

Failed attempts

Feel free to skip this page, nothing useful is here. There have been already several iterations of attempting to solve the listed problems, but none so far was successful (probably because I keep on trying to solve them all at once).