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Leela Self play in Docker


  1. Install docker for your box

  2. Create temporary folder

    mkdir ~/temp && cd ~/temp

  3. Create a file named Dockerfile and paste the following

From ubuntu:latest

RUN apt-get update
RUN apt install g++ git libboost-all-dev libopenblas-dev opencl-headers ocl-icd-libopencl1 ocl-icd-opencl-dev zlib1g-dev cmake wget supervisor curl -y
RUN apt install clinfo && clinfo
RUN     mkdir /lczero && \
        cd ~ && \
        git clone https://github.com/glinscott/leela-chess.git &&\
        cd leela-chess &&\
        git submodule update --init --recursive &&\
        mkdir build && cd build &&\
        #for gpu build
        #cmake .. && \
        #for cpu build
        cmake -DFEATURE_USE_CPU_ONLY=1 .. &&\
        make -j$(nproc) && \
        cp lczero /lczero && \
        cd /lczero && \
        curl -s -L https://github.com/glinscott/leela-chess/releases/latest | egrep -o '/glinscott/leela-chess/releases/download/v.*/client_linux' | head -n 1 | wget --base=http://github.com/ -i - && \
        chmod +x client_linux
COPY supervisord.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/
RUN service supervisor start

if you want to build for GPU comment out cmake -DFEATURE_.... and uncomment cmake ..

  1. Create a file named supervisord.conf and paste the following
command=/lczero/client_linux -user={your user name} -password={{your password}} -gpu=-1 (remove this if building for gpu)
numprocs={{number of clients to run}}

  1. run docker build -t leela . and wait for it to finish
  2. once it is finished run docker exec -it $(docker run -it -d -p 52022:22 leela:latest) service supervisor start

this will run the docker container in detached mode and start supervisor.

Useful Docker Commands

  • docker ps - list running containers
  • docker stop container_id - stop a running container
  • docker exec -it container_id /bin/bash - get into a running container
Last Updated: 2019-12-08