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CLOP tuning

CLOP Tuning is a tool used for figuring out what differentiable constants, functions, or other things should gain lc0 the most Elo/improve performance.

CLOP Tuner:


TCEC Season 13 tuning

Master (and thus div4) is result of a CLOP tune at 4000 games. Div3 updated the prune factor and time scale based on results at 8000 games as CLOP continued to run during div4.

20 games were run between default master and div3 settings all ended in draws, and the change looked very slight, with a bit smoother usage and less likelyhood of running completely out of time before reaching endgame.



This sheet is used to estimate how time should look, and can be used to adjust settings to try and get more time in the most important moves 15-30. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1viJP-gffkpRGVEQFqTNSsaXVwQ8cmxD303cfNeqnMTE/edit?usp=sharing

Last Updated: 2020-05-18