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Below a list of Guides / instructions for various task.

  • [[Google Cloud guide (lc0)]]
    To contribute to the project for free
  • [[Run Leela Chess Zero client on a Tesla K80 GPU for free (Google Colaboratory)]]
  • [[Running lczero with cuda and cudnn under nvidia docker2]]
  • [[Running Leela Chess Zero as a Lichess Bot]]
  • [[Running Leela Chess Zero in a Chess GUI]]
  • [[Running Leela Chess Zero in a Chess GUI (lc0)]]
  • [[Running Leela Chess Zero on Intel CPUs (Haswell or later)]]
  • [[Ubuntu 16.04 LC0 Instructions]]
  • [[Ubuntu 16.04 MKL Instructions]]
  • [[Script for testing new nets versus old nets on Google Colab]]
  • [[Leela Self play in Docker]]
Last Updated: 2019-12-08